How you can save on your vacation to Thailand

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If your one of the main reason for travelling is to get to know other cultures more and to understand the way of life in other countries, you sure won’t go wrong in choosing Thailand vacations. While in this wonderful country, you can achieve your goal without breaking the bank. You will just have to do what the natives do and your vacation will not be that expensive. Doing some research about the place before planning your itinerary will help quite a bit. Lets go over some tips that will help you conquer this wonderful and amazing country without spending a fortune:

1. Book your Travel during off-peak or the low season.
Booking your vacation Thailand to take place during off-peak seasons can give you up to 25% or someimes more savings in your accommodation budget. You also have a greater chance of getting low or discounted airfare and best tour packages. As weather in Thailand is quite reasonable almost all year, you don’t have to worry about your vacation being spoiled by the rain.

2. Choose a long bus or train ride rather than a plane when traveling between destinations on your itinerary.
From Bangkok, you can reach some tourist spots by travelling on a bus or a train. You can save quite a lot of money because these means of transportation really come cheap.

3. Avoid doing long distance or overseas calls when visiting Thailand.
It can be extremely expensive to make overseas calls from Thailand. If you really need to have keep in touch with someone else outside the country, you can save on your communications costs by just buying a cheap cellular phone with prepaid SIM card or use the services of Internet and Telephone Centers. The cheapest alternative is to ask the person you need to talk to to be the one to call you instead.

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4. Eat out in cheap restaurants.
In Thailand, the cheaper the food is, the better it is. Sounds quite surprising, doesn’t it? This is because in the more expensive restaurants in this country you will usually find Western food that doesn’t have great taste. So it’s better to look for small, cheap, and clean family restaurants that can provide you with great tasting meals.

5. Do evening entertainment the Thai way.
One way to complete your vacation is to have a shot of Thailand’s nightlife and entertainment. You can find many inexpensive Thai restaurants that have live bands and cheap beer and food. During winter time, outdoor beer gardens are quite common. Also watching movie in Thailand is quite cheap, that is despite their very modern movie theaters. If you’re not into watching movies on vacation or don’t like the taste of a bottle of beer, you can just choose to walk around the city and take photos of the night market.

6. Get good at negotiating prices.
In most tourist spots in Thailand, if you really want to save, you really need to have excellent price negotiation skills. Price bargaining is usually accepted in islands that are less touristy. Learn to not be ashamed to try negotiating the price of everything you want to buy. This isn’t an embarrassing behavior in such country, after all.

7. Avoid orgaznied tours
If you’ve done extensive research about the place, or your friends have given you some tips, you should also try to avoid organized tours throughout your Thailand vacations. This will give you a chance to explore Thailand your own way, but it can also help you save a few bucks.

Thailand is a wonderful place to vacation. By following the tips mentioned here you can save a lot of money. Maybe with the money you save, you could visit Thailand many more times.


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