The Best Beaches in Merida, Mexico

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For a more tranquil beach experience, Merida Mexico has some stunning beaches to offer. They are just as stunning as Cancun and Riviera Maya but without all of the tourists.

Sisal was designated a Pueblo Magico (magic town) in 2020 and offers beach access with sun chairs and family-run restaurants shaded by palapas.


Celestun, a sleepy fishing village west of Merida, offers an unbeatable tranquil atmosphere to unwind. It’s also the perfect location to witness flamingos in their natural habitat and take a dip at one of its stunning white sand beaches.

Flamingo watching tours are available from the town center at an affordable cost (about $113 per person). These excursions provide exclusive transportation by boat, lunch, and a knowledgeable guide.

When traveling with children, be sure to book a tour that includes their transportation as well. Most day tours welcome kids of all ages and some even feature special sections just for infants and toddlers.

A trusted tour operator will pick you up from your hotel and transport you to your departure point, allowing you to relax and take in the day without worrying about transport. Most packages include lunch as well as a guided tour of Celestun Biosphere Reserve.

Celestun can be reached in several ways, including self-drive on Highway 281, or bus from Merida’s Noreste bus terminal on Calle 50 at 67. The journey takes around an hour and costs $56 pesos each way.

For those who would rather avoid sharing a day trip with others, there are plenty of private Celestun tours from Merida available. These excursions provide an enjoyable alternative to the crowds and give you exclusive access to both the Biosphere Reserve and its white sand beach.

Ria Celestun Biosphere Reserve, protected by UNESCO, is home to thousands of pink flamingos that can be observed year-round. However, the best time to observe them is between November and March when their numbers are at their highest.

In addition to the flamingos, the Reserve is home to an abundance of bird species. Hummingbirds and pelicans are frequent sightings as well as kingfishers and wrens.

Once you’ve seen the flamingos, take a boat tour from the bridge or venture out to the beaches for an extended ride and swim. While more expensive, if you only have limited time in Celestun it’s worth it for this chance to witness these captivating birds up close.

aerial view of island during daytime

Chuburna Beach in Merida boasts some of the finest hotels and restaurants. Just 20 to half an hour away from Progreso, this tranquil stretch of shore provides ample room to unwind.

Chuburna offers a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy, such as fishing and swimming in the sea. Plus, it’s an ideal spot to spot flamingos and other birds in their natural habitat – making a trip here an unforgettable travel experience!

If you’re planning to stay in Chuburna, it is best to book a hotel or resort ahead of time. There are various options and prices may differ based on your preferences. Alternatively, private rentals can also be found if you would rather find some privacy.

When visiting this beach, be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen, swimwear and insect repellent with you. The weather can be hot and humid in the area so it’s wise to protect yourself from UV rays from the sun.

While you’re at the beach, why not rent a boat and take a leisurely cruise around the lagoon? Not only will this give you stunning views of nature’s splendor but it also allows for some unforgettable photos!

Another unforgettable experience you can have while visiting Chuburna is exploring the Mayan ruins. These monuments are some of the best-preserved in all of history and they’re definitely worth seeing up close and personal.

Merida’s beaches are all stunning, but you should make sure you visit some of the most stunning ones while you’re here. Beaches offer a perfect opportunity to take in some rays and have fun without worrying about getting overrun by people.

Merida offers plenty of places to visit, so you’re sure to find the ideal spot. Plus, there are other exciting activities like exploring Merida’s historic sites or shopping at local markets.

Merida’s cenotes offer stunning views of the natural landscape, making them an ideal spot to get some exercise and spend quality time with family or friends. Not only are these pools gorgeous to look at, but they’re also great places to have some fun in the sun!

an aerial view of a beach and a pier

Sisal is one of the most sought-after beach towns near Merida Mexico due to its stunning white sand beach and clean, expansive shorelines that offer stunning sunset views. Sisal offers something special for everyone at its finest – enjoy stunning white sand dunes without any pollution and enjoy crystal clear waters with plenty of space to lounge around in style!

Sisal has long been known for its protected flamingo sanctuaries and is now becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination. In December 2020, Sisal was added to Mexico’s pueblo magico list – a collection of sleepy Mexican towns recognized for their distinctive qualities and warm welcome for visitors by the country’s Secretary of Tourism.

Sisal Beach is one of the finest in Merida, boasting plenty of chairs and sunbeds for rent as well as family-run restaurants that serve food under shade-giving palapas. The ocean here is very calm with hues ranging from emerald green to turquoise.

If you’re looking to escape the crowds in Sisal, renting a beach house is an option. Not only will this save time and money but it also allows you to enjoy the beach in peace without worrying about other people around you.

Sisal is a vibrant fishing village full of character. Its main street features numerous shops and locals selling tortillas, fruit, seafood and other delectable treats.

On Main Street you’ll find plenty of restaurants to enjoy both traditional Mexican cuisine and some international favorites. Additionally, you can go to the pier and observe how locals fish from their boats in pristine waters.

Another reason to visit Sisal is its unspoiled beach with some of Merida Mexico’s most stunning views. It has become one of the most sought-after spots for locals who make it their home beach.

From Merida, you can reach Sisal by car, bus or taxi. Driving takes an hour from the city; however if you feel uncertain driving or want to skip all the traffic jams, taking a bus instead will only take an hour and a half.

Best Beaches in Merida

Progreso Yucatan, located on the Gulf of Mexico, is a classic Mexican seaside town and one of Merida’s best beaches. Here, locals and tourists alike come together for some fun on weekends at this popular beach.

On weekdays, it can be quite serene in this coastal town. But on Sundays when everyone has time off work, the town comes alive with dozens of people enjoying picnics and swimming on the beach.

Tulum is an ideal spot to soak up some rays, with plenty of beach clubs offering large sunbeds and restaurants and bars. For a more upscale experience, check out Hotel Amor Progreso – an elegant property just a short walk from the shoreline.

Progreso offers a range of activities on the beach, such as kitesurfing and windsurfing. For something different, visitors can visit El Corchito Ecological Reserve with hundreds of cenotes (natural sinkholes) that provide ample chances to observe native flora and fauna.

Progreso boasts some fantastic restaurants and cafes that serve delicious food and cocktails. My two favorites are EL AhGuay and La Antigua; both boast Tulum-style facilities with large sunbeds to enjoy your breakfast or lunch under the sun.

At Alfakite, a local kitesurfing club, you can rent equipment and take lessons or try it out yourself. No matter if you’re new to the sport or an experienced pro – there is something for everyone in Mexico’s northern coast.

Another way to get to the beach from Merida is by bus. Local buses depart every 10-15 minutes and cost $21 pesos each way, or you can board an Autoprogreso bus for $25 pesos.

From Merida, you can access the beach by renting a car, hiring a taxi or taking Uber. However, remember that it takes approximately an hour to drive there so it’s wise to plan your day accordingly.

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