Preparation Tips for your vacation to Thailand

Wat Rong Khun Building in Thailand

Planning a vacation to Thailand is fairly easy. That is because the country is geared towards tourism. You can expect to have the majority of your needs addressed beforehand without too much preparation. However, to make the most of Thailand’s history and culture, attractions, beautiful scenery and everything else Thailand has to offer, you may still require to plan your schedule so you won’t miss out on the most important things on your first and subsequent visits.

Do research about the sights you want to see.
Thailand offers plenty of glorious white-sand beaches and islands, modern cities and ancient temples. But what many tourists love about Thailand are the beautiful ancient cities that define the country as a kingdom.

Pick the attractions you wish to see before you book your flights and hotels.
All types of travelers can find something to enjoy as Thailand’s culture and landscape offer a huge variety of attractions that is fit for anyone – from backpacking adventurers to package holiday for groups or families and to the most experience of travelers among us. But all that potential fun could be spoiled if you book your flight and hotel before choosing the places you would like to go to.

What you should do instead, is to first decide where you would like to visit and how long you will stay in each region. Only after having done so, you would book your flights and decide on which hotel to stay at. This guarantees that you will have a good time.

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Be willing to venture off what the travel agencies tell you.
As with traveling in other countries, it is often best to allow the adventurer inside you to dictate when and what places you’ll visit. Try visiting places where the tourists normally don’t visit. Sure, you might be familiar with the more popular Chang Mai, Phuket, and Bangkok but real Thailand experience happens in the smallest of villages, and even in the remotest of islands. The selection of places will surprise you. There excellent places to visit in the small villages of North Thailand. There are some superb 5-star resorts and hotels in the forested mountains as well as hotels in hill tribe villages. If you are looking to experience the culture of Thailand, spending a night or two in the hill tribe villages could be a great decision.

Expect to have less decent accommodations, though. Unlike the hotels found in the cities, the accommodations in the outskirts of Thailand are more or less ethnic. You may even have to share the toilet and shower with the locals. But, there are always those beautiful mountain resorts with first-class hotel accommodations.

A guide may be a good idea
Although this may cost you some money, it is a good idea to you get yourself a guide. For one, you will probably find it difficult to have a conversation with the locals. Despite English being spoken in Thailand’s modern cities, the countryside is still on its way to learning the language. Find a trustworthy guide, as you will need someone who can talk with the locals for you and someone who can help to arrange your accommodations, your itinerary and other things in between that can enhance your travel experience in Thailand.

Before your trip to Thailand, do a little planning. This planning will make your trip there that much more enjoyable, not only will you be able to enjoy those hidden gems found off the beaten, but you’ll also able to enjoy all of the eye pleasing tourist attractions.


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