The Top Reasons Why You should book holidays to Thailand

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As traveler to beautiful country of Thailand you will find it very hard to run out of activities to do during your visit. This country boats an ideal combination of coastlines and exotic islands, well-protected forests and national parks, metropolises and cities, and historical and archeological parks which make it a perfect destination for you and virtually everyone.

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Great Food

A vacation in Thailand is not complete without having a sample of the traditional dishes of the country. The capital city of Bangkok is the best place to start if it’s you are sampling Thai food for the first time. But if you are looking for even more authentic dishes, you will do well to visit the relatively unexplored region of Isan where many distinct tastes and dishes are served on a daily basis.

Natural wonders
You won’t find anywhere else in the world natural formations that resemble things reminiscent of the human body. But the natural wonders of Thailand go beyond the Grandfather and the Grandmother rock formations. During your exploration of the remote islands of Thailand you will find many natural wonders that are truly shocking and awe-inspiring.

Beaches and Islands
Bangkok is the usually first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Thailand. What is thee second? Too most it is the beautiful tropical beaches.

Due to being entirely surrounded by water, Thailand has a good share of beaches, islands and tropical landscapes that you will consider exotic. To find out exactly what mean make, make sure to o to Phi Phi Islands, and Krabi.

Patong Beach in Phuket is largest beach of the island is also the country’s most popular and prettiest beaches.

Great Architecture
Because of its extensive history, Thailand showcases the past that is apparent in the landscape. If you are travelling to Thailand for an architecture vacation, you will find majestic ancient ruins, unique structures, as well as ultra modern skyscrapers all over the country.

Huge Cities and Metropolis
Bangkok should be at the top of your list. Not only does the city showcase modern Thailand and variations in its modern cultures, it also offers a bird’s eye view to Thailand as a country and as a people in general. It lets you sample everything there is to experience in the country. If you are looking for the activities of the big cities, you’ll do well to stay a few days in Bangkok. If, however, you want see cities that are more Thailand-style, you can plan a visit to any of Thailand’s other cities like Chiang Rai and the Chiang Mai.

You cannot call your visit Thailand complete without taking a day or two for shopping. Most of Thailand’s top destinations have their own shopping markets where you can find all types of bargains to suit your diverse needs. Whether you are after jewelry, wood carvings, ceramics, woods, electronics, clothes, and computers, you will find that Thailand has a big enough market to find these and much more. Thailand’s top shopping destinations include the Koh Samui region, Phuket, Chiang Mai and of course Bangkok.

Night life
Spend a night in town and experience Thailand in a literally different light. Thailand’s top night life destinations offer anything from relaxing romantic dinners to live entertainment and partying all night long. The most notable night life destinations are the Pattaya City, Ko Phangan, Bangkok and the less extreme night life activities of Ko Samui, Ko Tao and Krabi.

Art, museums and archeological centers
If you are a history buff, you would never lack a specimen for looking into Thailand’s culture and history. With its well-preserved Thai communities of the Isan region to the modern museums in Bangkok and other cities, anyone who is interested in understanding the true roots and history of the country would not be disappointed.

Thailand is the most popular tourist destination of all Southeast Asia. You can find almost anything here: thick jungles as green as they can be, crystal blue beaches that feel more like a warm bath than a swim in the ocean and food that can curl your nose hairs while tap dancing across your taste buds. There are many reasons to Book your travel to Thailand.


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